TC Electronic Ditto Jam X2 Looper Pedal
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TC Electronic Ditto Jam X2 Looper Pedal

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Simple 2-switch Looper Pedal with Auto Tempo Sync

With the Ditto Jam X2, you can pre-record or live-run your loops and backing tracks in a band setting — without syncing to a click track or MIDI timecode. Like past generations of Ditto loopers, the Ditto Jam X2 is effortless to use and limitless in its applications: solo over your own live chord progressions or provide your own percussion and vocal harmonies on the fly. But thanks to its onboard stereo microphones and BeatSense technology, the Ditto Jam X2 accurately tracks the tempo of any rhythmic source and stretches or shrinks your loops in real time. Other new features include an external switch to toggle playback/overdub sequence for seamless looping, and a tap switch to speed and slow loops manually — great for riff learning and phrase training.

One-touch looping and overdubbing

The hallmark of the TC Ditto series is its no-nonsense, single-switch looping and overdubbing. The Ditto Jam X2 carries on this tradition, with the addition of a stop switch for added convenience and time-critical loop operations.

Sync loops with any rhythmic source

The Ditto Jam X2 uses BeatSense technology to automatically shrink and stretch loops in time with any rhythmic element: strum patterns, backbeats, and more. No complex routing is required — Ditto Jam X2's onboard microphones continually sense tempo information and keep loops from drifting out of sync.

Onboard and external microphones

The Ditto Jam X2's onboard stereo microphones track tempo in a band or ensemble setting automatically. But for more exacting timing applications, an included external microphone, which attaches to a drum stand or acoustic guitar soundhole, yields more accurate tracking and a better signal-to-noise ratio.

External overdub sequence switch

The Ditto Jam X2's external toggle lets you change playback/overdub sequence to suit your needs.

  • Rec-Play-Dub: Pedal enters playback mode immediately after recording. Tap to overdub.
  • Rec-Dub-Play: Pedal enters overdub mode immediately after recording. Tap again to enter playback mode.

With these modes, the Ditto Jam X2 truly is equipped to meet every looping musician's needs. Start fleshing out your live performances in a band or ensemble setting today, with the TC Electronic Ditto Jam X2 Looper pedal from Sonido Live.

TC Electronic Ditto Jam X2 Looper Pedal Features:

  • Automatically sync loops and backing tracks with any rhythmic source
  • Onboard and external mics sense tempo from guitar strums and backbeats
  • Captures live audio in stunning 24-bit resolution
  • Simple single-switch operation
  • Dedicated stop switch for time-critical record ap