TC-Helicon Switch-6, 6-button Footswitch
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TC-Helicon Switch-6, 6-button Footswitch

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Perform with Your VoiceLive, Hands Free!

Get the TC-Helicon Switch-6 foot pedal to tap into the full creative potential of your VoiceLive 3 or VoiceLive Touch 2 effects processor. Six rugged footswitches give you hands-free control over looping, your HIT effects settings, preset changes and more when you're performing on stage. Vocalists and singing guitarists at Sonido Live love the VoiceLive effects processors for their huge creative potential, and the Switch-6 puts their full power in a familiar pedalboard-style format. If you have a VoiceLive 3 or VoiceLive Touch 2, the TC-Helicon Switch-6 is the perfect performance enhancement.


TC-Helicon Switch-6 Foot Pedal Features at a Glance:
  • Foot controller for VoiceLive 3 and VoiceLive Touch 2 effects processors
  • Six rugged footswitches in a heavy-duty, gig-ready frame
  • Can control all six loops on the VoiceLive Touch 2
  • Gives you even more control flexibility with the VoiceLive 3
  • Perfect for recording and triggering loops, changing presets, activating HIT, and much more
  • Lets you tap into the creative performance potential of your VoiceLive looper and effects processor
  • Connects via 1/4" TRS cable (included)
Enhance your VoiceLive performances with the TC-Helicon Switch-6!

Tech Specs

  • Number of Footswitch Buttons:6
  • Manufacturer Part Number:996001101

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