Telex Communications ICW-6 Window Intercom
$716.00 USD

Telex Communications ICW-6 Window Intercom

$716.00 USD

The Audiocom ICW-6 represents the ultimate in reliable, rugged, and flexible security and ticket booth communications equipment. Unique audio-shaping circuitry and enhanced VOX (Voice Threshold Level
Activation) operation ensure maximum voice intelligibility is achieved. Installation is quick and easy with our 2-piece, super rugged, maintenance-free polycarbonate enclosure.

*Microphone sold separately.

Speeds Ticket Window Traffic Flow
No more frustrated customers waiting in long lines. Superior audio quality and level control from our unique audio-shaping circuitry ensure maximum voice intelligibility for quick and accurate transactions.

Reduces Costly Errors
Stop wasting money. Enhanced VOX and full duplex design eliminate frustrating interruptions in audio for more natural conversations leading to a substantial reduction in costly errors.

Gooseneck or Headset Operation
Customize your user interface and maximize efficiency with your choice of two (2) handsfree operation modes. Gooseneck microphone operation enables users to move freely to access cash drawers or information sheets without being tethered by a headset. Headset operation provides a higher level of privacy and reduces ambient noise levels in multi-user environments.

Easy Installation and Set-up
Heavy duty mounting hardware and an easy mounting configuration make installing the ICW-6 fast and simple. Utilize your choice of a 2 ½ inch mounting hole or four (4) smaller mounting holes. Either way, you'll save time and money with the fastest and easiest installation in the industry. In addition, there are no external VOX adjustments. Internal microphone threshold adjustments allow the installer to set the sensitivity of the inside and outside microphones to the typical noise level at that location. This ensures optimum performance so the microphones are only active when in use.

Superior Audio Quality
You never get a second chance to make a first impression. First contact with you customer is usually at the ticket booth. Crackled, interrupted, and garbled audio is not what you want that impression to be. With unique audio shaping circuitry, enhanced VOX operation and natural sounding full-duplex design, your customers hear exactly what you want them to.

Improved Durability
With all of the things you have to worry about, your security communications system shouldn't be one of them. Super strong, high-tech polycarbonate fiber resin material makes the ICW-6 virtually indestructible. For years of dependable, maintenance-free operation, choose Telex.


PH-44-IC3 (Dual Headphone), PH-88-IC3 (Single Headphone), PH-44-IC3-QD (Dual Headphone with Quick Disconnect), PH-88-IC3-QD (Single Headphone with Quick Disconnect)

Gooseneck Microphones: MCP-90-12, MCP-90-18

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