Telex Communications TR-800-E88 UHF Two-Channel Wireless Beltpack - Band E88
$1,746.00 USD

Telex Communications TR-800-E88 UHF Two-Channel Wireless Beltpack - Band E88

$1,746.00 USD

The Telex RadioCom TR-800 is a Two-channel UHF frequency-agile wireless beltpack for use with the BTR-800. Individual volume controls also allow for easy level adjustment. The TR-800 has an all metal cast magnesium case, an LCD based graphical user interface, stage announce activation, wireless talk around (ISO) activation, enhanced ClearScan, detachable antennas and an auto-sensing headset connector that automatically switches between electret and dynamic headset mics.
BTR-800 and TR-800 units are FREQUENCY SPECIFIC - units must have identical frequencies on both units for proper use and function.

  • Features

    • On/Off & Volume Control: Turns the beltpack power on and controls headset volume.
    • Wireless Talk Around (WTA): When pressed, the user's audio is disconnected from the wired intercom, auxiliary input/output and the base station's local headset. Other beltpack users, on that audio channel, can hear the user as normal.
    • Stage Announce: When pressed, the user's audio is routed to the SA (Stage Announce) connector on the back of the base station. The user also loses their sidetone as an indication that stage announce is activated. The other wireless beltpacks and wired users do not hear the user's audio. The button is nonlatching and activates the nearby red LED.
    • Audio Channel Select Button: Allows user to select either audio channel A or B.
    • Bat/Overmod Light (BAT/OM): Light flashes once when unit is turned on if the battery is good. If the light stays on, battery is low. If the light does not flash, battery is dead. A normal microphone gain setting causes the LED to flash at the beginning of most words at normal speech levels. If the gain is too high, the LED is red during the complete word at normal speech levels.
    • Talk Light: LED is on when the talk button, SA or WTA is active.
    • Talk Button: The TALK LED, turns red when enabled. A quick press and release latches the talk function, unless latching has been disabled. Holding the button for over half a second causes the audio path to be enabled only for as long as the button is held. If the talk function is latched on, pressing the talk button again turns it off.
  • Specifications

    • Antenna: 1/4" Wave (supplied), Screw type, Replaceable TX and RX.
    • Binaural: No.
    • Color: Black.
    • Current Draw: 140 mA Push-to-Talk, Talk On.
    • Depth: 1.65" (41.9 mm).
    • Distortion: < 1 % at full deviation.
    • FCC ID: B5DM518 (TX 470-608 MHz), B5DM515 (TX 614-746 MHz).
    • Form Factor: Beltpack.
    • Frequency Response: 300 Hz-8 kHz.
    • Function: User Station.
    • Height: 5.05" (128.3 mm).
    • IF Selectivity: 3 dB at 230 kHz.
    • Image Rejection: 70 dB or better.
    • Local Headset Output: 40 mW output into 600W 1% distortion.
    • Microphone Input Sensitivity: 7 mV.
    • Power Requirements: 6 "AA" Cells Alkaline NiMH optional.
    • RF Frequency Range: 470 - 608 MHz, 614 - 740 MHz in 18 MHz TX and RX bands.
    • RF Frequency Stability: 0.01 %.
    • RF Sensitivity: < 0.7 æV for 12 dB SINAD.
    • Squelch Quieting: 90 dB.
    • Squelch Threshold: 20 dB SINAD About 1.0 æV.
    • Storage Temperature: -4° F to 130° F (-20° C to 55 °C.
    • Type: Dual Conversion Super heterodyne, Synthesized, FM, 712 channels.
    • Weight; 16 oz (453.59 g).
    • Width: 3.75" (95.3 mm).

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