Ultimate Support Nucleus-Z 8 Space Rack
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Ultimate Support Nucleus-Z 8 Space Rack

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A Sleek Floor Rack for Your Nucleus-Z Workstation

When space is limited but professionalism is a must, the Ultimate Support Nucleus-Z Series studio desk is the answer. Offering the same types of pro features found in the larger Nucleus Series, the Nucleus-Z gives you ample workspace in a compact, stylish, and ergonomic workstation that will impress your friends, clients, and collaborators. Constructed of rugged powder-coated medium-density fiberboard, Nucleus-Z starts off with the Explorer, a basic desk with monitor shelf and two four-space rack modules — to which you can add options such as a floor-standing rack and keyboard shelf. The full-blown Nucleus-Z Navigator includes all the options. Sonido Live knows that an optimized professional workspace, with all your essential tools right where you need them, is crucial for maximum creativity and productivity. Enhance your studio space and your workflow with the Nucleus-Z Series workstation from Ultimate Support.

The Ultimate Support NUC-Z-RCK Nucleus-Z 8-space floor-standing rack keeps essential gear close-at-hand in an upward-facing cabinet styled to perfectly match the sleek look of your Nucleus-Z workstation.

Ultimate Support Nucleus-Z 8-space Rack Features:

  • 8-space floor-standing rack
  • Keeps your essential gear close-at-hand
  • Sleek, upward-facing design complements your Nucleus-Z workstation

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