Rane DJ

Rane believes that true quality is in the details, and embodies this philosophy with the company’s painstakingly chosen precision components, neat and solid construction, comprehensive manuals, and most importantly, the care and concern of the dedicated people at Rane. Whatever your requirements, make sure you choose a product for its quality and reputation—it’s worth it. And if it's a piece of Rane gear, the company is confident you'll derive as much personal satisfaction in using it as they have from creating it.

Rane first entered the DJ market in 1984 at the request of Richard Long, a famous sound designer for the biggest names in disco (Studio 54, Annabels, Regines) who asked Rane to redesign his famous X3000 crossover using their proprietary technology. What resulted was the X3000A, built exclusively for Long. Rane and Long also co-designed a DJ equalizer called the Q5000. Based on their successful relationship with Long, Rane produced the company’s first DJ mixer in 1986—the MP24—which rapidly became the industry standard.

In 1998, while attending an AES (Audio Engineering Society) convention in New York City, four extremely talented turntable artists introduced Rane to their art form and invited a couple of Rane reps to join them in their backyard for a bit of tutoring. Shortly thereafter, Rane product designers joined a handful of New York’s top scratch performers where they literally spread their ideas on the floor an apartment in Harlem and went to work—thus began the anatomy of the TTM 54 Performance Mixer. Collectively, Rane—along with such artists as Rolly Roll, Development, DJ Big Wiz, Sugarcuts, Marz1, Peter Parker, DJ Quest, The Crash Dummies and The X-Men—created the company’s first hip-hop battle mixer, which became one of the most successful products in Rane’s history.

When Rane began, the company never imagined how huge the world of music mixing would become. Disco clubs of the ’70s and ’80s featured basic blending—today, the genres, techniques and methods have expanded exponentially. The DJ mixer is no longer just a tool, but instead, has become a full-fledged musical instrument—a vehicle for self-expression. Applications for DJ mixers have gone far beyond what was originally envisioned, and one day, Rane believes there may be as many styles of DJ mixers as there are types of guitars.

In order to produce the musical instruments and professional sound tools that customers deserve, Rane proudly conceives, designs and manufactures all of the company’s products from a single facility in Mukilteo, Washington. Doing so allows for some of the highest-quality pieces of gear available, and affords the people at Rane the opportunity to have a deeper understanding of their products and customer needs.



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